Payment methods


Pay conveniently and instantly with your credit card using the most used and secure gateway in the world: PAYPAL (fast, secure and free).

Credit card

You can pay with the most common credit cards even if you do not have a PayPal account: enter your data safely and the payment will reach us instantly. Payment by credit card does not involve any additional cost for you.

Wire transfer

It is the safest payment method in an absolute sense.

You will receive the data necessary to make the transfer via e-mail together with the order confirmation. On average, a bank transfer reaches us within 36/48 hours from the order you give to your bank. Your purchase will be sent after the actual crediting of the amount. Payment by bank transfer does not involve any additional cost.

Mark (in cash on delivery)

(Service available only for Italy destination).
You will pay conveniently in cash when the courier delivers your order. This option is valid only if at the time of the order you send us your regularly reachable telephone number.
The cash payment has an additional cost of € 4.00 (fees received by the courier). The courier does not accept bank checks and / or other securities, he is authorized to withdraw only cash.